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CMM Inspection

CMM Inspection

A Co-Ordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) is used for measuring objects down to the most precise measurement.

CMM Inspection is where objects for products can be inspected for quality and measured. A Coordinate Measuring Machine is used to measure the dimensions and characteristics of an object. It can measure a single point in a 3D shape or the whole shape. 

CMM is made up of three axes X, Y and Z and each axis helps to measure the product as well as be able to position accurately in other precision machines.

Here at Laser Access, we inspect each product carefully which is critical when creating products and objects that need to be precision engineered. We examine samples small and large.

CMM Capabilities

The measurement capabilities of a CMM can stretch through many different parts such as:

  • Dimensional – The ability to measure multiple axes of an object to get the whole dimension.
  • Profile – CMM can capture profile information and the form of both 2D and 3D objects.
  • Angle – Angles and orientation of two different points of an object can easily be measured.
  • Depth – The ability to map the depth of any object with the use of two stereo images.
CMM inspection